Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We have enjoyed a lot of quality family time this holiday season.  Unfortunately that means there hasn't been much happening here on the blog.  Hopefully you too have been busy with your loved ones.  

From our home to yours,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Birthday Princess

Today our youngest {Princess Amada} turned 4 years old!  Where has the time gone?  It's hard to believe that 4 years ago today we didn't even know she would be joining our family.  We received the call and picked her up from the hospital all in the same day...December 14, 2008.  And my heart melted.

Amada - 4 years old
Birthdays are very important around our house.  Since we have a large family, we want to make sure that each of our children have that "special day".  Amada went shopping to pick out a new outfit.  We decided not to have a large, organized birthday party this year.  Instead I wanted to take her to Build-a-Bear Workshop with just the girls...mommy, grandma, Adriana (big sister), and Ashley.

None of us had ever been to Build-a Bear so we weren't quite sure what to expect.  Amada needed some coaxing to pick out her bear.  She is a little shy, especially in new situations, so I wasn't surprised.  We also picked out a giggle sound for her bear.  She helped with the stuffing.

{So precious!}

They really have thought of everything.  Next you need to give your bear a heart.  

Rubbing the heart to keep the bear warm.
Patting it to start the heart beating.

I think she had her rub the heart on her belly next, so the bear would never be hungry.
Kissing the heart so the bear will always feel loved.
{Amada wanted big sister to kiss it first.}

Then you place the heart inside the bear.

Here is her completed bear!  It's so perfect...her favorite colors are pink and purple.  Next you name your bear and Amada chose the name "kitty".  

Giving the bear a bath to get rid of any leftover fuzz.
Lastly, typing her name for the bear's birth certificate.
She also picked out an outfit {an Aurora princess dress}, a pair of pajamas, and a stroller for her bear.  It is a little pricey for a stuffed animal, but it was a fun "memory making" time.  And I am sure we will be back for more.

Then it was back home for dinner, cake, and presents.  You'd never know it's almost Christmas though...

Sleeping Beauty DVD {Aurora is her favorite Princess although she has never seen the movie.}
A dancing fairy musical jewelry box.
Pretend sugar cookie baking set by Melissa & Doug.
She also received a couple of new outfits from grandma; one with a very cute, pink, sparkly vest.

She requested a Cinderella cake.

And now it's time for bed.  Happy Birthday Princess Amada!  {She is already talking about her "Five Birthday".}

How do you celebrate your children's birthday?  


Monday, December 3, 2012

Growth Hormones...9 months and growing

James had his follow up with the Endocrinologist today.  He has been on daily growth hormone injections for 9 months now and I am happy to report that he is {still} growing!

Beginning Measurements                             Current Measurements
Weight: 46.1 pounds                                   Weight: 53.5 pounds
Height: 47.1 inches                                      Height: 50 1/4 inches

Overall he has gained over 8 pounds and has grown over 3 inches taller!  I am amazed.  He does so well with the whole injection process.  He is still in charge of the alcohol swab and cleaning the injection site.

We have also been working with an Occupational Therapist for feeding issues.  James has a limited number of foods that he will eat, either due to sensory issues {texture} or jaw weakness.  We have exercises we are doing with him to increase jaw strength and have found some creative ways to add nutrients to his food choices.

Here is a recent picture of James and I while we were in Oregon for Thanksgiving.  James is my little love bug.

James will have several blood tests performed when he hits the 1 year mark of being on growth hormones.  I will keep you posted on his journey.


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