Sunday, October 28, 2012

Apple Picking

Last week we had "Field Trip Friday" and went apple picking at Apple Hill.  Last year was our first time actually picking the apples and it was such a memorable experience for everyone we decided to go again.  This year my mom was able to join us.  The specific grower we visited was Pine 'O Mine.  They grow granny smith and golden delicious apples and charge $1 a pound for the apples.  There are other farms/ranches that are much more commercialized, but with that comes larger crowds.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and the kids had some fun on the tire swings.  

Alex being pushed by dad.
John being pushed by dad.  Gee do you think he's enjoying it at all?
Where's Amada?

Here she is!

Now it's time for some apple picking!  How do you pick an apple?  Twist, twist, pull.


James was in charge of the box.  He loves having a job to do.

Alex looks like he wants to bite into that apple.

I wonder what was on that apple?  John looks concerned.

Everyone picking golden delicious apples.

Here's our loot.  I love coming home and making homemade goodies: applesauce, caramel to go with the apples, apple fritters, applesauce cake with cream cheese frosting, and apple crisp to name a few.  I will be posting recipes this week.  Yum!

Can you tell that Fall is my favorite season?  What are some traditions that your family takes part in every year?

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