Monday, June 24, 2013

From Sticks and Bricks...

Well tonight is the first night we are sleeping in the trailer.  Our "launch" date isn't until Saturday, but you have to start sometime.  With four little ones running around moving everything I am organizing/packing and us trying to empty the house before we close escrow (fingers crossed) on Friday, we figured it would be better to give ourselves a few extra days.  When we planned this cross-country trip we thought the short sale of our house would finalize after we returned in September, however as of 2 weeks ago plans changed.  I have literally sorted through EVERYTHING we own.  For the last 2 Saturdays we've held massive garage sales and this past week we rented a storage unit for the belongings we wanted to keep.  Daniel has also made many trips to Goodwill and still has to go to the dump to get rid of the excess trash.  It is amazing how much "stuff" you can collect while living in a 3600 sq ft house for 7 years.

Garage sale

In case you are wondering if we've totally lost our mind, let me reassure you, we have.  We've been talking about taking a cross-country trip for years, but we either had the money and not the time or the time and not the money.  Now we have both so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I will spare you the logistics of how we were able to make this trip happen, but I will share with you that we have been in the planning stage since April.

Our older children (ages 21 and almost 19) both moved out within the last 2 months so it is just Daniel, me, and our 4 younger children (ages 11, 9 ,8, and 4).  Our travel trailer technically sleeps 9 and we have slept 9 in it for 5 days, but that makes it just a little crowded.  With just Daniel, me, and the younger children we don't have to convert the table or couch into beds which is really nice.  Stay tuned because I will be sharing a behind the scenes tour of our trailer shortly.  We have also been solving our storage issues one at a time and I think some of the solutions we've come up with are ingenious!

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  1. So happy for you and can't wait to hear about your adventures :)


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