Sunday, November 10, 2013

Six Flags America

While we did complete our cross country travels at the end of August, I did not complete the blog posts. We have been busy settling into a rental house and resuming our homeschool routine.  More on that later.  :-)

After the day we had at the Smithsonian Museums, we decided to visit Six Flags America (Baltimore/Washington, D.C.).

Although this is a smaller park, here are a few benefits that I noticed:
  • The park was not crowded.  It could have just been the day we visited, but nevertheless, it was nice.
  • The park was very clean. 
  • There were a lot of beautiful flowers, which attracted TONS of butterflies!
  • Two large kid's areas with lots of fun rides!

  • Several thrill rides including Apocalypse (a 10-story stand up steel coaster), Batman's Batwing Coaster (my husband's personal favorite), Superman: Ride of Steel (a close second favorite at 20 stories high), and ROAR (a wooden coaster).  
Superman: Ride of Steel
  • We listened to patriotic music and enjoyed the displays throughout the park.
  • We witnessed filming for Fright Fest.

We were able to get through the entire park early enough to get back to the campground and go swimming. It was a fun family day.  If you are in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area, I would definitely recommend a day trip to Six Flags America.  Tomorrow we will re-visit the National Mall.


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