Saturday, July 16, 2011

The first step

Well, I have been saying "someday" I would start a blog.  You guessed it!  Today I took the first step.  I have to start small.  So, for now, I have a name.  Diverging Lives.  Why did I choose that name?  The definitions of diverging are: 1. to move, lie, or extend in different directions from a common point; branch off.  2. to differ in opinion, character, form, etc.; deviate.  4. to turn aside or deviate, as from a path, practice, or plan.
Well, in a nutshell, that pretty much describes our lives.  This year we decided to home school our younger children, who are adopted and have varying special needs.  It seems like we do everything "off the beaten path", but that's okay with me.

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