Monday, October 1, 2012

All About Reading, Level 2

It's here!  The All About Reading Level 2 is hot off the press.  AND for a limited time (until October 8th) All About Learning Press is offering it to you for 10% off!

Although I have not seen the Level 2 program yet, I have ordered it.  Want to know why?  We went through the All About Reading Level Pre-1 last year and are currently half way through All About Reading Level 1.  This program allows teaching our kids to read to be an enjoyable experience!  Easy to teach and easy to learn.

What's more, All About Learning Press offers a "Go Ahead and Use It" one-year guarantee.  If you are not satisfied, you can return your curriculum within the first year for a FULL refund!

What does my student need to know before beginning Level 2?

Click on the above image to download the Placement Test for Level 2.

What will my student learn in Level 2?
Your student will learn exciting new concepts, including three-letter blends, the introduction of Silent E, new phonograms, and methods for decoding multisyllable words – and continue to establish a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning. Every component of reading is taught: decoding (phonics and structural analysis), vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. 

We have ordered our Level 2 so we won't have any lag time once we finish Level 1.  And it makes me happy that it's on sale until October 8th!


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