Friday, May 18, 2012

20 Activities To Do With Your Kids While Traveling

Memorial Day is approaching and you may have plans to travel.  Or perhaps a car trip is awaiting you during the summer.  I would like to share twenty activities that we do in the car with our kids, in no particular order.  {We try to go camping once a month and the typical drive to our destination is usually 3-4 hours, sometimes longer depending where we are traveling to.}

1.  Play "I Spy" (I spy something that is the color _____. )
2.  Play ABC game (find words outside the car that start with the letters of the alphabet, in order).
3.  Play Hangman (I like the Melissa & Doug traveling version).

4.  Sleep (I know, mostly improbable).
5.  Count a particular number of items (horses, semi-trucks, motorcycles, etc.).
6.  Search for out-of-state license plates (Melissa & Doug also have a version of this game).

7.  Electronic games.
8.  Watch a movie.
(iPad is great for #7 and #8)
9.  Crayola Color Wonder markers and coloring book (I LOVE these because if the kids drop the markers I don't have to worry about the ink staining the car seats or clothing!).
Product Details
10. Have a snack. (I don't know why but my kids ALWAYS like to snack in the car.  I try to bring chewy snacks like beef jerky, fruit snacks, licorice, or gum.  Oranges cut into slices and stored in a cooler are great for quenching thirst. String cheese is easily portable and not messy.)
11. Sing songs (Listen to kids music CD's and sing-along).
12. Play guessing games (i.e. take turns making animal sounds and guessing which animal makes that sound).
13. Play Simon says.
14. Bring a travel-size Magna Doodle (great for tic-tac-toe).
Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Travel Green
15. Tell stories.
16. Play travel-size versions of your favorite board game, or learn a new one.
17. Read a book (individually or as a group).  Books on CD are great for this too!
18. Beware: Try not to get car sick.  (We keep a stash of Sea Bands in the car as we have several in our family who suffer from motion sickness.)
19. Print out a copy of the map and have the kids follow along (ours also like to use the map app on our iPhone).
20. Play Travel Bingo.  Get your FREE copy of my travel bingo game.  There are four different game boards.  I laminated ours and we use them with magnets and a magnetic dry erase board.  You can play individuals or teams.

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Have any activities to add?  Would love hear your suggestions.



  1. Wonderful bingo game! I am so glad I saw this. Would love a copy sent to Thanks!

  2. Rachel, I hope you enjoy the bingo game and may it bring you pleasant travels!

  3. Very cute bingo game! I'm creating a travel pack for my niece to take on her Christmas trip and came across this. I would very much appreciate a copy sent to Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    1. I just emailed the bingo cards to you. What an awesome idea to create a travel pack for your niece!

      Thank you for requesting and have a Merry Christmas!


  4. Very nice bingo game! I came across this while making a travel kit for my niece to take on her Christmas trip. I would love to have a copy of it sent to Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  5. Getting ready for a 2 week vacation. I would love to receive the Bingo games. Thank you for your generosity.

  6. Hi there - would love a copy of your travel bingo. We are starting our packing for our summer adventure. Thank you

  7. I would love a copy of your bingo - we are just starting to pack for our summer road adventure! thank you

  8. I would love to add your bingo game as part of our fun acticities in the car. Would you please email it to
    Thank you for sharing your activities!

  9. I would love a copy of your travel bingo game. We are taking a road trip next week and my kiddos would love this game! Thank you!

  10. I would love a copy of your bingo game please! Thank you.

  11. Thought I'd share a few things we do.. I bring along a roll of aluminum foil and the kids get creative making aluminum foil sculptures. To make it tricky for the older kids I sometimes give them a subject or only give them a certain amount of foil to work with. I have also spray painted the inside of a cookie sheet with chalkboard paint so they have a magnetic chalk board. Use with alphabet magnets and the kids can spell words they see along the side of the road. This also serves as a perfect tray for coloring books because the edges of the cookie sheet keep the crayons from rolling off and getting lost among the mess that is inevitable on the floor during long car rides.

    1. Klarisa,
      Thanks for sharing your activities. I love the aluminum foil idea! Very creative. My kids would probably make balls and throw them at each other. Lol.

  12. Here is an e-mail comment from a reader: Thank you! I did get your email in time for our trip, and the girls loved playing the game as we drove through big cities! What I loved about your game is that it was a picture game, so even my 4 year old could play it! Many thanks! Paige


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