Monday, May 28, 2012

Make Your Own Watering Jug

I love fresh flowers!  Roses especially.  Since we are renters now we brought our roses with us, but they are growing in pots.  The yard sprinklers reach some of our potted plants, but not all of them.  So they need to be watered by hand.  My husband bought me a plastic watering can, but it is awkward to carry and water always splashes out.  I saw online how someone made a watering can from a milk jug, then I had an idea.  I had these heavy-duty plastic apple juice containers.   I would make them into watering jugs.

Here's how:  1.  Wash the container.  2. Poke many holes in the lid. 3.  Add a couple of air holes which help with the flow of the water.  (We did ours at the top of the handle.)  4.  Fill with water.

Guess what?  I LOVE these!!  They are much easier to carry and less messy than the watering can my husband bought.  And the best part is that they are free.  For now we have two of them and the kids take turns helping me water the flowers.  And it is super easy!!

Happy watering!

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