Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moments to Remember

Moments to Remember was developed as a simple way to look back on our week as homeschoolers and find photos that encompass the memories we want to remember. 
The week may have been tough, there may have been more bumps than smiles, but in the end these are the moments that keep us going, the ones we need to remember.

Celebrate Good Times
We've done quite a bit of celebrating lately.  First of all we are celebrating the fact that our pool heater is finally up and running!  No one likes to swim in 70 degree (or below) water.  The pool is comfortable enough now that everyone enjoys it!
Alex turned 10 (double digits!).  He chose a "Cars" cake, and for his birthday dinner we ate In-n-Out cheeseburgers and french fries.  We started a tradition of taking the birthday child shopping with just mom and dad to pick out their own birthday present.  The kids love it!  Alex chose a Beyblade battle set.
And then we celebrated Father's Day with my wonderful husband!  I think James celebrated a little too much.
And now we are celebrating our upcoming Disneyland vacation.  This will be a first-time for most of the family and will definitely be a moment to remember.
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  1. BeybladeBeyblade battle set completely rocks! My son loves these toys and battles his buddies on a regular basis.


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