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10 Reasons My Kids Like Being Homeschooled

I am back again this week, joining the Ten in Ten blog hop at iHomeschoolNetwork.  I kind of like having a set topic to write about and then comparing notes with others.   {I have to admit, it's a little addicting.}  This week I asked my kids why they like being homeschooled.  For our younger children, this is their first year being homeschooled.  With all of their "extra" needs, I thought the public school special education programs would be more equipped and have extra resources to help them.  {Depending on who you talk to, they will still try to convince you of this.}  Although making the decision to homeschool the younger ones was difficult, now that it has been a year I am so thankful.  Just look at their answers...

1.  "I like to do my schoolwork."  - Alex, age 9

He never uttered these words while attending public school.  It was always, "I hate school."  Doing homework with him was literally like pulling teeth, and it would take hours.  Most of our schoolwork is hands-on and engaging.

2.  "I like to play games." - James, age 8

As long as James is having fun, you will have his attention.  Once he feels that you are demanding him to do something, forget it.  He is the most stubborn child I have met.  This coming from a rather stubborn person.

3.  "When I was in regular school, I had a lot of problems." - Johnathan, age 7

The district had Johnathan placed in a regular ed kindergarten classroom last year with extra support {occasionally} from a resource teacher.  School was difficult for him.  The demands were high.  Sensory stimuli was overwhelming.  I believe by the end of kindergarten, he had given up.  Don't get me wrong, we still have a lot of behavior issues with Johnathan.  But when it comes to schoolwork and he is able to complete a task, he is so proud of himself and it shows.

4.  "I like walking to the fruit market and buying watermelon." - Alex, age 9

All of the kids enjoy our walks to the fruit market.  We are on a first-name basis with the lady who runs it and the kids like having conversations with her while we are shopping.  Ahem, social skills is a subject in our homeschool.

5.  "I like to play outside." - Johnathan, age 7

Johnathan is our child who is constantly on the move.  We take frequent breaks to allow him time to move around.  Sometimes we even take our learning outside, like when we observed the robin building a nest in our backyard

6.  "We can do things as a family." - James, age 8

Most of our younger children have separation anxiety which makes it extremely difficult for them to separate from us.  I remember many days of leaving a child at school crying.  Not something that makes a mom feel good.  Now we do all of our activities as a family and I love it when I see one of the children helping a sibling.  There is nothing that brings me greater joy.

7.  "We like the food mom makes us to eat." - All

It is much more difficult to pack individual {healthy} lunches for many children than it is to prepare a meal for the family.  Our children are picky eaters, have difficulty chewing, or food allergies.  We can also have our larger meal earlier in the day.  We like to snack on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our older children who were homeschooled most of their school years also weighed in.  Here's what they had to say...

8.  "I could get my work done faster." - Adriana, age 17 (recent high school graduate)

9.  "I liked being able to do school on my own time so I could also do other things." (i.e. church choir performances, field trips, family outings, etc.) - Adriana, age 17

Adriana went to public school for her senior year and commented to us many times about how much time is wasted in public school.  She is more of a hands-on person, so she really liked her performing arts classes.
I am really proud of her.  She worked very hard in advance of her senior year, in order to be able to take so many elective classes.  For the most part, it was a fun year for her.

10.  "I liked not having to leave the house." - DJ, age 20

DJ is my home body.  He does not leave the house unless he absolutely has to.

Are you shocked that kids actually like being homeschooled?  If you are a homeschooler, why do your kids like being homeschooled?


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