Thursday, June 21, 2012

Therapy Thursday: Finger Warm-Ups

Each week I will post about some type of therapy we use, who recommended it, and the reason we are using it.  Remember, I am not a licensed therapist and I am sharing our experiences. We would also love to hear your stories. Please share in the comments!

Finger Warm-Ups

Ever have those days where you just can't get your fingers to cooperate?  Well, for our boys that is an everyday occurrence.  Their autism spectrum disorder and cerebral palsy we have to thank.  They all see an occupational therapist (and not the same one either).  Some of the tasks they work on are: daily living skills, handwriting, finger/wrist strengthening, integrating right and left sides of their body, and body awareness.  Who knew fastening a zipper or button could take months years of practice? 

Here is a great way to get those fingers warmed up before any fine motor activity or just for the day.  The boys' occupational therapists often have them do this activity at the beginning of a session.  All you need is a container of exercise putty and some pennies.  We have a 2 oz. container of the green (medium firm) putty.

I give the boys the container of putty with the pennies already mixed in.  They have to pry the putty out of the container then roll it out on the table.

Notice how Alex is really pushing here (straight elbows & in a standing position).  As they roll the putty out, the pennies become visible and they have to use their fingers to pry the pennies out.

I remind the boys that we are trying to make a long, skinny snake.  Notice here how Alex is rolling the putty all the way to his fingertips, pressing firmly.

Finally the boys get to "hide" the pennies for the next person.

What kind of activities do you have your children do to get ready for their day?  What other uses for the exercise putty can you think of ?


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