Monday, June 11, 2012

Our 2012 High School Graduate

We are proud to announce the high school graduation of our daughter, Adriana.  She was in the second graduating class of Antelope High School, having the priviledge of attending the school on the very first day of it's opening.  She was very involved in the performing arts at AHS.  From dance to choir, she loved to perform.  We are extremely proud of her and all that she accomplished.  Next she will be attending a local community college, working on a degree in nursing.  She aspires to be a Pediatric RN.

Let's take a look back in time to the beginning of her school journey...

Kindergarten graduation (2000)
Adriana attended Cameron Ranch Elementary in Carmichael, CA for Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  We then made the decision to homeschool.  We chose to enroll both of our children (at the time) in a public charter school.  At that time, we felt that was a wise decision.  We were just starting out as homeschool parents and felt more comfortable with the extra support that was provided in the way of teaching assistance, record keeping, and funding.  We weren't sure if the kids would be re-entering the public school system in middle or high school so this seemed like the best option for us, at the time. 

I must say that Adriana has a completely different personality and learning style than I do and sometimes that made teaching her difficult.  She is a kinesthetic learner and learns best "by doing" through movement and song.  She is also a very social person (interpersonal), whereas I am more of a solitary person (intrapersonal) and I like to figure things out on my own.  How our brains process information is different.  

We began to suspect that she might have dyslexia and approached the charter school about it.  Since we were homeschooling and already making accommodations for her, she was able to remain at grade level.  This was great, although it meant we would not receive any additional support from the charter school.  We read books aloud, learned math facts to songs, and went on many field trips.  

When she reached 7th grade she began expressing interest in returning to public school.  We had many family discussions regarding this.  We also became foster parents to three boys with special needs (& eventually adopt) so my time was much more spread thin.  We were aware of a brand new high school that would be opening her Freshman year, but felt it would be best if she returned to public school for 8th grade.  We were hoping she would make some new friends and get acclimated to "going" to school everyday.  She survived 8th grade!

8th Grade Graduation (2008)
It was now time for high school, in a brand new school.  Everyone was so excited!  My husband, Daniel, became a daily volunteer at the school and eventually one of the wrestling coaches.  Adriana made it through freshman year, then during sophomore year she began experiencing some medical issues.  We became foster parents again, this time to a newborn girl.  Adriana decided she would like to go back to homeschooling her junior year.  Her reasons were valid and we felt it would be beneficial.  Again we chose the charter school because we wanted her to have an "official" diploma.  We found out that homeschooling through the charter school was a lot more strict for high school because we still had to teach the same state standards as the public schools.  There was not as much freedom as we'd experienced during the elementary years.  School became more about what we had to get done before our next meeting with the teacher, and less time for the fun things.  

The one advantage the charter school afforded us was that when Adriana decided to return to public school for her senior year it was a smooth transition.  All of the necessary paperwork was in order.  She earned more than enough credits for that school year.  For her senior year she only had 2 required classes left and was able to take elective classes (dance and choir) and even have first period off.  Overall, it was a fun year for her and I am happy she was able to experience it.

High School Graduation (2012)
Do you know what your children's learning style is?  Click here to take a free online learning styles inventory.  Are you homeschooling through a charter school or privately?  Are you happy with your decision?


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