Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We Arrived In The Show-Me State

We made good time and had better gas mileage today.   We arrived at the St. Louis West KOA, which wasn't too full.  It's location is outstanding for what we want to do.  The kids spotted Six Flags on the way to the campground which amped up the excitement quite a bit.  However, we will make them wait until tomorrow for all of the fun.

We need to head to the grocery store and get caught up on laundry first.  Luckily we aren't very far from a Wal-Mart and were able to find everything we needed.  An added benefit to staying at a KOA campground is that they have laundry rooms.  I make sure that we save any quarters and they go into our laundry money bag.  We also found this collapsible wagon at Costco which fits the laundry baskets perfectly for a more convenient way to transport the laundry to and from the trailer.  When we are not using it, it folds up and stores easily under one of the bench seats in the van.

While James was "helping" me with laundry, Daniel took the other kids to the nice, big pool here.


Before we embarked on this 2 month cross-country voyage we practiced by taking small trips not far from home to see what we really needed to bring and where/how we would store items.  One storage dilemma we faced was what to do with ALL the dirty clothes.  Well we have this large storage area under our bed and it is perfect for 2 laundry baskets, plus other miscellaneous storage.  As I toss the clothes into the laundry baskets I sort them by lights or darks.  Then when we need to do laundry I just remove the baskets from underneath the bed with the clothes already sorted.

Get your walking shoes ready tomorrow because we are headed to Six Flags St. Louis.  The kids have waited long enough.


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