Tuesday, July 30, 2013

St. Louis Arch

The morning of our planned visit to the arch was met with some trepidation. The last time I visited the arch I was six years old.  I don't remember much except being scared to death and shedding a lot of tears.  I am thankful there were no tears this time (from me or the kids).

When we were talking about visiting the arch in St. Louis I received some very helpful advice "buy your tickets in advance".  We went online the day before we planned on visiting and purchased tickets in a package deal at a discount (Captain's Combo).

We allowed plenty of time for traffic and finding parking.  Even though it was already hot and humid, the walk through the park was pleasant because of the shade provided by all of the trees.

When standing next to the arch it is so massive.  We pointed out the windows at the very top, 630 feet up, to the kids and explained we were going to go inside the arch and look out those windows.

We went inside and were ready to begin the tour.  There are only 5 seats inside the capsule but we agreed to have Amada sit on my lap so we could all go together.  When the doors to the capsule opened I wondered how we were all going to fit inside, but we managed.  I was thankful there were windows on the door of the capsule so it wasn't too claustrophobic.

Once at the top I was so relieved when the capsule door opened.  There were people waiting on the stairs to ride the capsules back down.  When we arrived at the viewing area it was amazing! The kids were so excited and wanted to point out everything they saw.  We weren't at the top for very long before riding the capsule back down.

We had reservations for the Riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River in an hour and a half so we had time to kill.  We visited the gift shop and gave the kids snacks/drinks.

Then we spotted the Museum of Westward Expansion and decided to check it out. We were met by the Ranger who informed us the kids could participate in the junior ranger program. We gathered the necessary materials and began the activities.  This definitely made the museum more interesting for the kids.

When they completed all of the activities in their handbook we returned to the information desk and the kids all received junior ranger pins.  They were so proud of themselves!


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