Thursday, August 1, 2013

St. Louis Riverboat Cruise

After we experienced our Journey to the Top of the Arch, bought some souvenirs and checked out the Museum of Westward Expansion, it was time for our Riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River aboard the Tom Sawyer.  We purchased our tickets online a day in advance and qualified for a bundle discount.  This also gave us free parking in the arch parking garage.

The day was extremely hot and humid, so we were thrilled to find out there would be refreshments, restrooms and air conditioning on the boat.  Obviously the views aren't as great from the inside so we began the cruise from the top deck while we snacked on hot dogs and sodas.


While we were waiting for the boat to leave the pier, we spotted this fountain.  We were told it shoots off everyday at noon and that it goes as high as the arch.  Pretty interesting.

Daniel and I both enjoy listening to the audio presentations of the history while we sightsee, however, today the kids were not thrilled.  Even the promise of going swimming when we arrived back at the campground was not enough to entice them.  We finished the cruise on the inside of the boat in the air conditioning.

And when we returned to the KOA campground, we did go swimming.

Tomorrow is a driving day.  We are headed to Ohio to visit some of my family members and meet up with my mom and my dad.  I am excited because this will be the first time our four younger children will meet my side of the family.


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