Monday, August 26, 2013

Maryland & Beyond

Upon leaving New Jersey we crossed the bridge into Delaware, then continued on to Maryland.  We are staying at the Washington DC/Capitol KOA for 5 days.  Our campsite is extremely roomy and private as we are located at the end of a row.  There are tons of trees which is nice for shade, but Daniel was unable to hook up the satellite dish.  I'm sure we'll be much too busy for watching tv anyways.

When we arrive at a new campground the kids love to explore.  This particular campground is really busy...but it probably didn't help that we arrived on the weekend.  They have the usual amenities, but they also offer outdoor billiards, ping pong table and giant chess game.  

At the pool there is a lifeguard on duty and parents are required to be present with their children.  This is the first time we have seen a lifeguard at a campground.  Every hour the lifeguard blows the whistle and everyone has to clear the pool for 10 minutes.  The lifeguard also checks the chemical levels and adds chlorine if necessary.  

The staff in the office are extremely helpful and friendly.  When traveling in an unfamiliar area you tend to rely on the advice of others and the advice we received there was definitely helpful.  There is a nice selection of goods for sale in the office too, including tickets for the trolley tour of National Mall.

Tomorrow we are taking the KOA shuttle into Washington, DC which means we have to be up and ready by 8:30am.  Daniel is excited because he won't have to drive and maybe he can enjoy some of the sights.  

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