Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Trailer

By this point in our trip you are probably wondering if we are still as happy as we were when we left.  The answer to that question is YES!  Even more so because it is working.  We are getting to explore the United States with our younger children while living in our "home".  If you haven't seen our trailer, you are probably wondering how it works as our home on the road.  I am going to share some pictures of our trailer with you, kind of like a virtual tour. These pictures were taken when we first purchased the trailer in August 2011.  It is a 2012 Catalina by Coachmen, Model 28DDS.

The couch and table both fold down into full sized beds.  Since the boys have their own area and Amada just sleeps on the couch (until she wakes up and climbs into our bed), it's nice to not have to fold out and make beds every night.

Alex sleeps on the top bunk while Johnathan and James share the bottom bed.  Ironically it is exactly how they slept at home.

Daniel stores all of our outside chairs, BBQ/charcoal, swimming pool gear, tri-pod for his Directv satellite dish, and clothes drying rack in this compartment.

The trailer is truly perfect for us and even works when the older kids go on short trips with us.  We tow the trailer with our 12 passenger van (minus one of the bench seats for extra storage room).  We store James' wheelchair, Amada's stroller and our collapsible wagon in the back of the van.  We keep a cooler between the front seats for beverages, snacks and sandwich fixings.    

In another post I will share some of the organizational tips and tools I have found to be very helpful.


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