Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Date Night

My husband and I are both at home full time caring for our children and their array of needs.  On many days we don't really have a chance to connect because we are so busy, sometimes going in different directions all day.  With the medical, emotional and behavioral challenges we are up against, some days feel like we are in a battle zone.  I am so incredibly grateful that my husband is the one right there beside me though.

Every couple of months we have a date night.  Well it's more like a date day...usually about 24 hours.  My mom, or a trusted friend, comes to the house in the early afternoon.  The first stop is something to help us relax...a pedicure, manicure, or both.  Yes my husband enjoys these as much as I do!  We may run errands like picking up prescriptions or stop by Target, but we are able to take our time and not worry about any of the children.  We go eat dinner in a restaurant and actually get to finish our meal without having to rush through it or take the rest home to finish later.  Sometimes we go shopping or go look at cars.  We may go to a movie or check out a casino, attend a sporting event like basketball or football.  Sometimes we have trouble deciding what we want to do because sitting next to each other in the quiet car is so peaceful.  Then we have a good laugh about that.  Nonetheless, we are usually shocked by the amount and variety of items we are able to do in such a short period of time. 

Then because we have our travel trailer parked at our house, we use it as a sort of hotel room.  It gives me  security knowing we are close in the event anything happens.  It's refreshing to sleep through the entire night without getting up at all.  We get to sleep in, then come inside the house to the cheerful greetings of our children.

We cherish these times together and it definitely helps keep us connected during this period of life we are in right now.  For our recent 21st wedding anniversary (June 29th) we visited the San Diego Zoo with our family while on vacation {post coming soon!}.

How often do you spend time alone with your spouse?  What are some fun date ideas you've had?  


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