Friday, July 13, 2012

Huntington Beach

Day 3 of our Southern California vacation landed us at Huntington Beach.  We figured we all needed a day of rest (so to speak).  Everyone over 16 was complaining of sore feet and back aches from all of the walking we had done the previous 2 days.  The kids all needed a break from sensory over-stimulation.  We enjoyed the sights during the car ride to the beach.  Even though we really weren't prepared for a day at the beach, we stopped and let the kids play.  (I brought changes of clothes just no bathing suits or swim trunks.)  We also packed a cooler so we could make lunch, but we didn't have a beach umbrella or anything to sit on.

Huntington State Beach

Our family visits the beach often, whether it is in Mendocino, Santa Cruz or Monterey.   There is just something about watching and listening to the waves come in that is soothing.  Despite our younger children having sensory processing disorder, they don't seem to mind the sand at the beach.  Just don't mention jellyfish around Johnathan; even the thought of jellyfish make him gag.

This picture reminded me of ducklings.

Adriana and I

Daniel and Johnathan

Amada and Adriana
Please excuse D.J.'s yawn.  This was the only picture I had of him at the beach, plus it's a great picture of James.  D.J. decided to leave his shoes on because he didn't want his feet to get messy.

DJ and James

 Look carefully in the background of this picture.  You can see Adriana showing Johnathan how to have "strong arms" and stand so the waves don't knock you over.

Daniel and I


Michael and Alex

For as often as these two argue, it was really enjoyable to watch them have fun together in the water.

Johnathan and Alex
 This just might be my favorite picture of the entire vacation.  I love the differences of everyone's feet (even D.J. wearing shoes), but yet we are a part of the same family.  I guess it's just the sentimental side of me, but it reminds of how we all blended (through adoption) to form one family!

Snap!  And then as we were about to head back to the car for a picnic lunch, one of the younger kids had a terrible meltdown throwing sand at complete strangers on the beach while kicking and screaming the entire way back to the car.  And just like that, our visit to the beach was over.

We went back to the campground and while I was catching up on laundry, Daniel took the kids swimming.  Then we went out to eat at Chili's where I had a coupon that allowed all 4 of our younger children to eat FREE!

James all bundled up in his robe.
Have you ever been in a public place and one of your children has a major meltdown?  How did you handle it?


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